Easy to use

AM provide powerful and easy-to-use LAN messenger (corporate IM) for your office communication needs. AM LAN messenger is very straightforward and requires no special training. It is ready to be used right after installation is completed.


AM LAN messenger can be used in your LAN / WAN network, multiple sub networks.Our enterprise instant messaging server lets you communicate safely. AM LAN messenger members are joined by administrator and also all messages is traceable.

Increase productivity

AM office messenger let you know who's online and send your messages to the right people in real time.And also using AM LAN messenger can send messages,transfer files to the offline people.All users are established by the administrator in accordance with the organizational structure.To ensure that only colleagues or business contacts can log on AM LAN messenger.Broadcast an important message to a selected group or everyone,this will save much time and increase your office productivity.



AM LAN messenger is used for the office chat of enterprise and organization,the corporate IM must be stable and powerful,AM corporate IM can support 5000 users online at the same time.

Provide SDK

AM enterprise instant messaging provide second development kit (SDK) for your other office program,such as:OA,ERP,enterprise messenger and so on.For example,the user will receive an instant message when he has a task in an office program(OA,ERP),it will aviod delaying important tasks.